2009 Gibson CS 59 VOS Wash Chery R9

Actually I didn't want another beauty to replace my CC1. But it had to be a top player under 4kg in order to replace my melvin which was a terrific guitar.

But since I use a LP only for recordings once in a while using "Santana" and other heavy sounds that are difficult to dial in with single coils I didn't want anything collectible and fancy. So I came across another original beauty with internal values ;) .

3.9kg, almost untouched and gorgeous she plays and sounds great. Acoustically she sounds very resonant and balanced. She doesn't make me forget my CC1 but she surely sounds better than most CC's I had the chance to play. Great distorted sound that doesn't sound shrill or mumpfy. Actually in that respect she is as good as my CC1 which is indispensable for recordings. Can't go wrong with this one. But don't ask me to sell before I get a replacement. I don't want the LP-missing Blues again!

4'200 $

2010 Gibson ES 339 Custom Shop

This killer looking plays and sounds as a Custom Shop guitar has to sound. It is in almost unplayed, mint condition and waits to be played more regularly.


Price 2'300 $

Gibson Les Paul Tribute 1952 - Limited Edition

I traded this guitar for a CS Tele. I did this, beeing a Fender fan, although the neck had been professionally repaired and the Original Case was lost. In addition I had to pay a refret job for my tele maple neck. Before I played this guitar not one LP had ever convinced me to buy. Great playability and tremendous sound. I love the clean sound of this guitar. I never repented this trade although it was a loss on value. This guitar really is what "great player guitars" is all about! Paperwork is there, all parts are original. Works perfect, plays great, sounds great!! Case is not original.


Price: 2'500 $

2000 Gibson L5 Wes Custom Shop

The Queen of Jazzguitars! Plays and sounds great. It has been played only few times. I don't take it out for gigs and play it only in the studio. At the back there is a slight lacquer damage reminding me of nitro relic. It is difficult to see, so the guitar is near a mint state. Everything is original!


Price: 8'400 $