Haar Guitars

The guitars from Eric Haar have become an insider tipp. There is a growing community in demand for these instruments. Since I am a longtime Fender fan, I sell mainly the guitars from about 2008 - 2012 with the new logo but the old Fender formed neck. Due to court threats of Fender the guitars from 2013 were not allowed to have the same form. So the new Haar guitars look differently.

There are hardly any of these fantastic guitars available in Switzerland. All of mine have been purchased from Gregor Hilden. He mainly sells new models.

In Switzerland this is the only opportunity to have several Haar Guitars to play and compare.


Haar guitars are made by by Erik van der Haar and his small team in IJsselstein Netherlands. And Haar guitars are truly something else. Not the typical composed licensed parts manufactured like many are, but all parts are completely made by hand from scratch with selected and matured tonewoods. Erik owns a plek-machine that makes it possible for him to intonate the guitars perfectly and add a compound radius fingerboard that increases the playability of Haar guitars to a more than impressive level. These are really special guitars, and it's understandable that many of the pro-Dutch guitarplayers use it on stage. Also fit and finish are of the very highest standard with thin-skin nitrocellulose finish and options such as oil neck.

Check later!! No instrument available!!