2017 '52 Kelton Swade Telecaster Butterscotch 'Honky Tonk' AVRI

There is a lot of controversial discussions about Kelton Swade. I have played 2 Teles he built. Both were the best sounding Teles away from my real Vintage Teles. At one point I was gigging with this Tele instead of the real Vintage gear, because it felt better. But because very often there are miserable sound situations at live gigs I started to play again with my Vintage Teles. They have a tiny bit more snap and presence to cut through in a band without sounding too loud. I had the impression that the KS couldn't cut through enough in these extreme soundsituations. But let me tell you I haven't played any other modern Tele that would do a better job than the KS. If you don't get a good Vintage Tele you will hardly encounter a better playing and sounding Tele than the KS.

This at ridiculous 2.9 Kg !!!!! It plays fantastic and sounds really balanced. No harshness. KS seems to use cryotuning. I asked him about this and he said he couldn't talk about his crafting secrets which to me meant "yes". Since I had several guitars that were cryotuned they gave a similar feel. My best Reissue Tele I played.


Now for sale:

3500 Euro

1964 Fender Telecaster refinished

This well documented Tele comes from the Pre CBS era and is a wonderfull instrument. Everything is original, minus the body refinish, frets and the pickguard. The PU's sound great, the instrument has been professionally refretted and plays fantastically.

I didn't like those 60' saddles, so I replaced them with Glendale ZZ-Top saddles. Tremendous difference. Original saddles are safely packed up in the case for Vintage nerds. As a player there is no question to what saddle sounds massivly better.

After Matz-Guitars.ch finetuned the instrument, it is an immense pleasure to gig this instrument. Great sound and sustain.

The neck feels just perfect not too thin not too thick with the necessary beef.


Not for Sale!

1972 Fender Telecaster - Original

This early 1972 Telecaster was a lucky punch. It was bought from a Luthier in the 90-ies. So it is a good instrument from a luthiers point view which must not be identical with a player perspective. But the ingredients are fine. Since he is one of the most reknown Vintage expert, I could be sure that there are no surprises according to original accuracy. Since he had it sold and rebought from a customer the guitar became the whole luthier treatment, from finetuning to the refret. This Tele plays and sounds simply awesome. Very resonant and keeps easily up or overpasses any maple mid 60ies I have played so far. Great guitar!

4200 Euro

"QUASIMODO"                                  1971 Fender Telecaster 3,1kg

This is an exceptionally resonant light weight guitar. It has been stripped but seems to be otherwise original (check certificate), bought in a german vintage store. It looks as if the guitar has been really beaten up. This Tele has all the playing feel and soul after restauration (refretting, new bridge, adjustments) that makes it a top notch vintage guitar. A guitar that will make you love it and that you don't want to put away.

It has a great neck very similar to the 1968 Tele below. It is extremely comfortable to play. The pickups sound really sweet and balanced unlike the newer ones. The bridge pickup sound (68) is really nasty and cuts through steel without sounding harsh.

The frets are now replaced and the guitar professionally set up. I changed the bridge for a Wilkinson WT3 for more sustain and accuracy. Original bridge is included. Killer guitar for vintage lovers!


Not for Sale!

Fender Telecaster 1968/69 - Real Vintage Lightweight!!!

This Tele is a fantastic player. I never played a better neck than this one. The only one to beat my Haar necks!! The Dunlops 6105 make it play like butter. The guitar sounds very acoustic and warm in neck and middle position. The bridge position has great twang.

This guitar has been played a lot but has been taken care of. A lot of parts therefore have been replaced. Neck and body are original, the neck pickup is original and has been rewound professionally. According to my tech the bridge PU is newer but also from that period. The PU surely sounds vintage with great twang! In short NOT A COLLECTOR'S ITEM but a dream guitar with character. Lightweight!!!
Not for Sale

2009 Fender Tele Relic "Limited Edition"

This "Chameleon" is a a supreme instrument able to adjust in the most difficult sound situations. It's terrific sound works in any live setting. It isn't as agressiv as certain country guitars but it cuts through the mix even in the worst acoustic situations. It does so without the harshness tele's are known for. When the sound of a strat gets lost in the booming sound of a band playing in a devastating sound environment, get out this tele and you will be safe. When you are in a jam and need a guitar with a terrific sound, playing straight into a tube amp then this is the guitar. You want a guitar that sounds great through all your effects and plays sweet Santana like distorted sounds, this is the guitar. A real working horse hard to beat! It is in perfect playing condition!! With paperwork and OHCS!

3'800 Euro