Great Player Guitars Switzerland

Electric Guitars for the playing Musician

Great Player Guitars is about my beloved working tools based in my studio in Zurich, Switzerland. You want to buy sell or trade?  Lets get in touch. 

Through the years I turned towards Vintage gear, since the sound of the old guitars are unequaled. I focus on playergrade guitars that are still in financial reach because they lack the important collector attributes like original finishes, routing, etc. I care for the hardware that make these guitars so unique. It’s about Great Player Guitars that make you want to play and play. I am mainly a Stratocaster and Telecaster player. I am proud to own some of the best Strats and Teles around. When I buy I invest a lot of time and money to make these instruments sound the best they can. I buy from many respected shops. Often they arrive in an estate that I wouldn't dare to sell them. I have the privilege to care for my instruments because I don't have to sell professionally. These are my babies. The only time I hold back upgrading is when collector items will loose value with an upgrade I make.

This is not a professional shop!!! 

Dynamics and Resonance are the most important factors I care for in a guitar and the professional playing feel of the neck. Generally I look for Custom Shop quality in my instruments, since they have to fullfill professional standards live or in the studio. I am mainly into Fenders Stratocaster or Telecaster and do enjoy some Gibsons as well, as I need them for my studiowork. I also do like some smaller Guitarbuilders, building Strats and Teles.

My guitars are set up by a guitar tech for perfect functionality and playing feel. 

All guitars are good to extraordinary "player" guitars, as described. There are few Collector's items among them where the value has to be considered before changing parts on the guitar.

I am a guitarplayer and therefore a private collector. These are my workingtools and I like changing, buying, selling or trading great playing top notch guitars, so the journey to find tonal nirvana can continue. If you are interested in buying, selling, swapping, get in touch.

The Instruments are accurately described with fotos, (videos) and written descriptions. You will get what you see, no monkey business.

I am a guitar player and I prefer a non vintage correct instrument if it plays great. Sound is the ultimate premise. So I am not the right guy to buy expensive collector stuff from. I can't tell you which screw is original and which one not. But I sure know if that guitar plays and sounds right.

Make an appointment to play and ask all the necessary question before buying the instrument. Since I am a private collector I do not take back instruments nor do I give garantee on them.

  • Not all guitars are for sale. Even if they are priced!! Check with me first. I love all my guitars. So there are better and worse days to get a hold on one. On my bad days you might get a hold on any guitar if the price is convincing ;)
    All the guitars priced ON DEMAND, are the ones I only sell on really bad days.
  • I am picky about a guitar tone and playability. Some are love at first sight others are handpicked through hours of testing guitars, some are recommendations, some have a personal story.
  • This is not a shop and I am not selling on a regular basis. I am very picky to whom I sell my guitars.
  • Best time to get me selling is when a new instrument is in sight and has to be paid. I then do prefer educated and gentle people. Usually it works on a mouth to mouth basis.
  • These are private sales – in general no guarantee or money back.