Gibson Customshop 2012 SG VOS Faded Cherry '61

My first guitar ever and the reason to play guitar was a cheap Gibson SG copy. I was always jealous of my friend who could play better and had a Strat copy. I finally bought an SG now since it has a unique distorted sound. The few times I will convert into a Hardrocker this is a great instrument. I think it is a fine instrument, although I can't tell since it is the only one I played since my youthdays. Definetly better than my copy back then lol! It is very resonant acoustically and great to play after I made some corrections to lower the strings. The guitar was not played much and serves me for studiowork.

3'100 SFr

1967 (?) Gibson ES-335

I bought this guitar against all the rules of vintage collecting. This guitar has been messed with. Someone even tried to fake the serialnumber into an early 60 one. I bought it from Rivington Guitars in New York who advertised it as such.

It was also declared as "outstanding" which obviously wasn't meant for collecting or optical reasons. I do agree with them that it is outstanding  on behalf of playing comfort, resonance and sound. Considering the market value it was rather expensive, since you get collector items a little above the price I paid. But lets face it: you won't get a guitar like this really cheaper unless it doesn't have these player qualities. There is no way you will get a Custom Shop guitar to sound like this one. In that respect it was a bargain, since any CC is above this price category.

I really love her and I am gratefull I got it right on my first try. Yes this is the first ES 335 I own and obviously it is



2015 Gibson LP CC 29 aged                    aka Tamio Okuda Burst

I have been a huge Fender Fan since I picked up my first guitar over 40 years ago. For recording reasons I keep some other guitars around. I was lucky to own a CC1 which I had to sell. I loved the dynamics and resonance of it. It was a superiour LP although it still kept sounding "newish". After that I got to play some other CC's that didn't really find the way into my heart. So I took the shot at this one with precaution. I was convinced that it would be a good guitar in the range of the R9 below which I like a lot. I knew CC's were a big money market and not all the instruments were as superiour as their prices. To make things short: this one is an absolute killer. I never knew that one day I might prefer the clean sound of a Gibson LP to the sound of my dear Strats and Teles... here we go. I am actually reconsidering this attitude, because this guitar is so resonant, sounds and feels like heaven, is completly worn in, unfolding this great vintage sound I look in guitars for. I never played a new Fender that sounded as vintage as this CC 29. I simply love it. The preowner had swaped the original 57 PU to Bare Knuckle PU. I told him to swap them back but he talked me into trying them first. I don't know how these 57 PUs sound but they will make their living in the Lipton case that comes with this treasure of a guitar. This guitar sounds so damn good that there will be no trials on this one. So this one most likely will stay for a long time here.

8'800 SFr

Gibson Les Paul Tribute 1952 - Limited Edition

I traded this guitar for a CS Tele. I did this, beeing a Fender fan, although the neck had been professionally repaired and the Original Case was lost. In addition I had to pay a refret job for my tele maple neck. Before I played this guitar not one LP had ever convinced me to buy. Great playability and tremendous sound. Great for Jazz!!! Yes...., Les Paul was not a Hardrock player. I love the clean sound of this guitar. I never repented this trade although it was a loss on value. This guitar really is what "great player guitars" is all about! Paperwork is there, all parts are original. Works perfect, plays great, sounds great!! Case is not original.


3200 SFr

2000 Gibson L5 Wes Custom Shop

The Queen of Jazzguitars! Plays and sounds great. It has been played only few times. I don't take it out for gigs and play it only in the studio. At the back there is a slight lacquer damage reminding me of nitro relic. It is difficult to see, so the guitar is near a mint state. Everything is original!


Price: 8'200 SFr