2014 Danocaster Olympic White

Danocaster guitars probably are the closest to the feel of a real Vintage Fender copy. This is a special order built with a one piece alder body. Usually Dan's guitar are built with 2-3 piece alder bodies. I could compare this guitar with an almost identical three piece guitar. This one was clean way more resonant why I decided to buy this one. The neck is Fender Vintage Feeling from the 60ies. The neck of my 64 Tele plays, looks and feels identical. One of the best necks with real mojo. The frets were professionally adjusted after they were sold. The previous owner didn't like the frets coming out of the store.  The guitar was cryotuned. The original PU are Rocketfire. I installed the real Abby handsigned PU's that cost 500 Euros.

3,270 kg


2'500 Euros with Rocketfire PU's

3'000 Euros with Abby PU's