1982 Tokai ST80 Springy Sound MR Metallic Red

This beautiful ST80 is a result of Tokai making great 50-ies vintage copies before Fender decided to to copy this japanese concept for the Post CBS Fender guitars. This is a fantastic example with great parts, a fantastic neck true to real 56/57 specs. The neck also feels like a real vintage guitar.  The guitar is resonant and sounds very balanced and with a vintage sound you only get from the real ones. The pickups have a that mellow vintage touch. The neck PU is very warm and bluesy. The bridge PU has real bite. Really, really impressive. Hard to beat by todays CS Strats. As with all japanese guitar from the 80ies, I would recommend a refret. Very impressive guitar still in an affordable price segment. This Tokai as opposed to the JV's are unbelievably close to the original. The JV's are a league of their own and created a new Fullerton-sound in the 80-ies. But they are not real reissues, especially side by side to this Tokai. I am thinking about refretting it myself.

The weight is 3.4 kg

Update: I decided to let Matz refret the neck and finetune the guitar. I sort of fell in love with this instrument.

Update 7.9.20:

Matz really made this guitar shine. He turned a good guitar into a fantastic one. Tones before refret were sort of cut short by the frets that were worn down. It really irritaded because when bending notes the sustain was endless. Still the guitar sounded vintagelike but with less sustain. Now it simply is a fantastic great looking guitar that beats my Fender CS MB Strat in vintage standards by far. Waiting for the first gig to compare these two in a live bandsituation.

Update 18.9.:

Replaced: Tremolo springs and Saddles by Raw&Vintage

Urs fromhaensler-electronics changed all electronic parts and installed my Abby 57-62 handwired PU!!

Next and last update: Götho Kluson Vintage Deluxe tuners

So I went all the way to get my dream-guitar. Check fotos!! Video2!!

2900 Euro includes all new and original parts

You won't find a better sounding CS MB 50ies Strat!!


pimped up

2014 Danocaster S-Style

A killer Stratocaster with the best necks on this planet. This guitar is sonically exceptionally close to the real vintage deal!! The playing comfort is out of this world. Dan simply makes the best vintagestyle Strats. I am not so much a fan of the finish. The same goes for the Kelton Swade finishes. But soundwise they are really close to the real good vintage guitars.

This strat reacts to all the player nuances and is really resonant. It has the quality of deepness without sounding harsh even with the bridge pickup.

I love it!! This guitar is a killer, way better than the last one that I owned. Price doesn't reflect streetprices (1800-3500Euros) but that is where I start thinking about selling. Priced to stay!

4200 Euro

"Walter" 1963 Fender Jazzmaster

I had the chance to try one or two Jazzmasters in my life. They sounded dull and dead to me. I then had the chance to hear a musician play his Jazzmaster side to side with a CS MB Tele. Again this sound that didn't resonate and integrate in the mix. That's why I never was tempted to buy one. I thought that was the way they sounded. So I came across this elderly musician Walter who had played his Jazzmaster a lot in the 60-ies. It was cool at that time to have a 9-string Jazzmaster which explains the filled holes in the neck. The first in a series of "crimes" he did to his beloved babyblue 64 Stratocaster and this 63 Jazzmaster. Since he did his biggest errors on his Strat (refret that killed the neck and refinish from a car dealer). The Jazzmaster in consequence was only misstreated with a white car laqueer refinish. The neck was kept with run down frets, almost non existent, a horrible refret from 9 to 6 strings and the whole guitar smelled horrible of humidity. Since he had good contacts to the musicscene someone recommended Dragan Milosevic from Fine Art Guitars to restore this guitar. Walter wanted it refinished in the old colour. Dragan told him with selfconfidence that he wouldn't do such poor finishes as they used to do back in those days. New frets, restored fretboard and .... a fantastic new finish. He spent 1'100 Euro, more than he had payed for this guitar when he bought it. I contacted Dragan and he was so kind to give me the pictures before restauration and pictures of his restoration process. I am a sucker for Vintage guitars. But when it comes down to unplayable instruments that suck in every respect and sell for over 20'000 Euros I must confess that this has nothing to do with music and my love for old guitars. They should better collect Superman Comics! That would keep the price down and give us musicians access to unreached sounding instruments! Guitars were not made to be hanging in a vitrine. The good ones like this "Walter" Jazzmaster sound so tremendously good that no new built guitar can touch them. But Dragan's restoration really changed my view on this vintage hype.

I am now the proud second owner of a refinished but mostly original pre CBS built Jazzmaster restored into a an amazing sounding and playing beauty. Even the radius is more comfortable now and adjusts to the modern player. No way that any masterbuilt and (many original?) Jazzmaster can get even near this.  She sounds so full with the 009-strings on it. I am planning to replace the original bridge with a mastery bridge and set it up with 010-strings...



I couldn't wait and put 0.10 strings on it. To me it plays a lot better now  and the sound improved as it was to expected. I am still waiting for the mastery bridge to get one step closer to Tone Nirvana.

A KILLER GUITAR!!!! 3,7 kg


By the way: This guitar changed my opinion towards finishes. If someone like Dragan Milosevic (www.fineart-guitar-workshop.de) does the job then it is not necessary to have them reliced to improve the sound. Be carefull from whom you will make a refinish. Dragan is a great pro to do this job!



I installed the Mastery Bridge and was dissapointed. Everything sounded very clear but also harsh. It destroyed the great vintage sound. I contacted Woody from Mastery Bridge to check with him if he had made similar experiences with Vintage gear. Never got a response. Probably didn't like critical comments on his products. Since good tone is my quest I hoped to get a helpful answer. So I put the old bridge on which is perfectly in tune and sold the Mastery Bridge and feel happy with this wonderful instrument.


Not for sale 

Videos with original Bridge

NEU:                              2012 Ibanez JSM 100 VT

I have never been a big fan of Ibanez guitars. I owned a Joe Pass and played a Pat Metheney which I decided not to buy. So I was really surprised of the craftmanship of a friends  JSM 100 I got to lay my hands on. He was not about to sell it, so I forgot all about it until this one showed up in internet. And again I was not dissapointed. Craftmanship on this model is great and seems to be consistent. I really like the warm and jazzy sound. It is very resonant and dynamic. Great guitar to play jazzy wise. It is a Scofield guitar which is said to be a model that Sco doesn't actually play.

Sco has his own sound which I never tried to copy so I can only say that if it doesn't has to sound like Sco you should give this guitar a try. To me it was a real surprise. Great quality for little money.

This guitar has only been played few times and you can consider it as new. I have not found any playing signs on it. But I am planing to use this guitar and can not promise that it will remain that way for long. So check with me again if you intend to buy.


1'800 Euro