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2010 Fender '57 MB Greg Fessler Stratocaster CAR Heavy Relic

Greg Fessler's masterbuilt 57 is as good as it gets for a reissue. Playing feel and sound is superior. The bell like ringing sound is a dream. Handwired fat Ybarra PU's.

 3,520 kg

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"LION" 2007 Fender CS Relic 69 "red sparkle"

It used to be Gregor Hildens personal guitar. Fantastic sound thanks to its resonance and the killer 57/62 PU handwound by Abby. Wonderfull neck, a growling sound. Blues pur! It roars like a lion. Killer guitar!!! All original, paperworks, OHCS!

 3,680 kg

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2009 Fender CS Tele Relic "Limited Edition"

This "Chameleon" is a a supreme instrument able to adjust in the most difficult sound situations. It's terrific sound works in any live setting. It isn't as agressiv as certain country guitars but it cuts through the mix even in the worst acoustic situations. It does so without the harshness tele's are known for. When the sound of a strat gets lost in the booming sound of a band playing in a devastating sound environment, get out this tele and you will be safe. When you are in a jam and need a guitar with a terrific sound, playing straight into a tube amp then this is the guitar. You want a guitar that sounds great through all your effects and plays sweet Santana like distorted sounds, this is the guitar. A real working horse hard to beat! It is in perfect playing condition!! With paperwork and OHCS!

3'500 Euro


Some Jazzstudy Assignement NeckPU 2014