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2012 Fender 52 Telecaster Closet Classic

When I saw this beauty I couldn't resist and I went out of my way to check this guitar out. I said to myself I will only buy it, if it is a fantastic player.

So when I arrived the guitar laughed at me right from the house door. When I lifted it from its stand the first thing I noticed was the light weight of 3kg. The neck was U-formed and quite a piece of wood. It feels very comfortable to me but lovers of thin necks might not appreciate it the same I do. Since I play also classical guitar I am used to thicker necks. The neck itself is a piece of art, simply beautiful and plays great. It has this typical Country twang feel to it that made it THE instrument of choice in Country music. My other Teles don't have this snappy sound not even the Brent Mason Tele. I think the neck is an important part of this sound. So Country lovers, there won't be a better Tele to get your hands on, if you are not looking for a thin neck. Real cowboys need some real woodshed :)

When I get my next call for a Country gig I know what instrument to bring along! Hard not to fall in love with this instrument.


2790 SFr


Fender Brent Mason Signature (not CS) Telecaster  (primer gray)

One of the highlights in my musical career was the collaboration with Brent Mason on my album Andy Bopp & Friends.In the 90ies I probably copied every lick Brent had recorded. He simply was and still is my hero.

His solo he did for me on Cuban Gringo still is the best solo I heard him play. He featured my recording on his homepage for quite some years and remembered fondly our collaboration still years after.

I share Brents love for good sounding guitars and his approach to pimp them so they sound the way he likes them best. Hew doesn't care to destroy the originality of a Pre CBS in order to adapt the guitar to his needs. With Fender he shared his insights to collaborate in a signature Tele that features everything he did to his guitar to make it one of the most recorded Teles on this planet.

When this instrument showed up on the market I had to give it a shot. This definetly is a fantastic versatile Tele with a fantastic G/B-Bender system from Glaser. Brent also came up with the fantastic idea to get a Straty sounding pickup. I already had tried that on the Jerry Donahue Tele which was kind of nice. Brent took it one step further and added a knob to blend in this pick up which sounds way better. I use it about half way in, which gives the sound more meat without sounding too thick.

The neck is wonderfull and feels great to play. Before buying the instrument I googeled the critics.  All raved about the instrument except for the weight. There are some examples out there weighing over 5kg!!!!!! Mine is 3.9kg for me normally a NoGo. But with all these great features I   decided to go for it which I do not regret.



Product Information


The Fender Stories Collection pays tribute to legendary musicians and their modified Fender guitars.


With recording credits stretching across five decades, Brent Mason is one of the most prolific session guitarists of all time, featured on well over 1,000 albums, including hits by Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn, George Jones, Dolly Parton, Blake Shelton, Shania Twain and many more. He’s also been inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame, won a Grammy, earned twelve Guitarist of the Year awards from the Academy of Country Music, is a two-time winner of the CMA® Award Musician of the Year Award and was named one of the top ten session guitarists of all time by Guitar World magazine.


The Stories Collection Brent Mason Telecaster recreates the prized Tele he discovered in a Nashville guitar shop in the early eighties: a ‘67 model that had been stripped of its original finish and re-sprayed in gray auto primer. Brent outfitted it with new pickups and controls, as well as a bender system – transforming it into a versatile all-in-one session guitar.


Boasting a Glaser Bender system, Seymour Duncan mini-hum in the neck position, Hot Stack in the middle and Vintage Stack in the bridge, locking Sperzel tuners and Dunlop locking strap buttons – the Brent Mason Telecaster provides the special features, smooth playability and diverse range of tones to nail Brent’s platinum Nashville session sound.


Includes deluxe hardshell case.


  • Brent Mason Signature Modell
  • Korpus: Esche
  • geschraubter Hals: Ahorn
  • Griffbrett: Ahorn
  • schwarze Pearloid Dot Griffbretteinlagen
  • Halsprofil: Late 60s C
  • Mensur: 648 mm (25,51")
  • Griffbrettradius: 184 mm (7,25")
  • Sattelbreite: 41,3 mm (1,63")
  • Knochensattel
  • 21 Vintage Tall Bünde
  • Tonabnehmer: 1 Seymour Duncan Vintage Stack Tele STK-T38 Single Coil (Steg), 1 Seymour Duncan Hot Stack Strat STK-S2 Single Coil (Mitte) und 1 Seymour Duncan Vintage Mini Humbucker (Hals)
  • 1 Master Volume- und 1 Master Tonregler
  • 3-Wege Schalter
  • 3-lagiges schwarzes Schlagbrett
  • 6-Saddle Steg mit Joe Glaser B-Bender System
  • Chrom/Gold Hardware
  • Sperzel Locking Mechaniken
  • Werksbesaitung: Fender USA 250R NPS .010 - .046 (Art. 104112)
  • Farbe: Primer Grey
  • inkl. Koffer
  • made in USA

2500 SFr


2004 Fender CS MB '54 Strat 50th Anniversary Masterbuilt by Todd Krause


What a fantastic remake of a real '54 Strat. Very resonant! Fantastic sound amplified, created with great dedication and craftmanship. The tone is authentic 50's. The combination of the premium wood and hand wound 1954 Pickups provide the immediate snap and bloom that a vintage Strat possesses. This guitar doesn't comes with the relic vintage brown poodle case. The previous owner went personally to Larkstreet Music in New York to buy this instrument and bring it to Switzerland. Since he considered the poodle case as to fragile to ship it on the plane he setteled with the black CS Fender case and left the original case in the US. He told me that there were 2 cases for the guitar.

According to the previous player he bought the guitar new. It had been played in the shop and possibly used by the owners who were players themselves. There has been playing signs on the body when bought. The swiss owner hardly played the guitar during the many years he owned it. But he left a playing sign on the lacquer too. There are minimal signs of use on the vintage frets. Everything else is in a very good state. The neck was never removed, electronics were untouched except for the removal of the 3 position bladeswitch, 5-way switch was installed in Switzerland. An all original guitar and a fantastic player. Meant to be played! This guitar is outstandingly comfortable to play.  The neck carve is the the best I have ever felt on any Stratocaster.
Todd Krause is Eric Clapton's personal guitar builder.
Model Name: 50th Anniversary 1954 Stratocaster®  

5'300 SFr

  • Custom Shop-Master Built Limited Edition Series
  • 2-Color Sunburst finish in Nitro-Cellulose Lacquer
  • Comfort Contoured Premium Ash Body
  • 1-Piece Maple, U-Shape, with Nitro-Cellulose Lacquer finish
  • Fender/Gotoh Vintage Style tuning machines
  • Maple fingerboard with 7.25" radius (184 mm)
  • 21 Vintage Style frets
  • Scale Length 25.5" (648 mm)
  • Width at Nut 1.650" (42 mm)
  • 3 new Custom Shop Vintage 1954 single-coil Stratocaster pickups -  FormVar Coated Copper Wire with White ABS covers
  • 1-Ply white pickguard, (8 Hole)
  • Master Volume, Tone 1 (Neck Pickup), and Tone 2 (Middle Pickup) controls
  • 3-Position blade switch: Position 1 - Bridge Pickup, Position 2 - Middle Pickup, and Position 3 - Neck Pickup.
  • American Vintage Synchronized Tremolo with "Ash Tray" bridge cover
  • Nickel/Chrome Hardware


Other Features:


Each Instrument is Master-Built with Builder Logo on back of headstock,
Serialized Round-Hole PVA Back Tremolo Cover Plate (#5196)
Single “Button” String Tree,
Black Face and Side Dot Position Inlays,
Vintage Styling,
Built with a Closet Classic Finish; as if Bought New in 1954 and Played a Few Times a Year and then Put Carefully Away. Oxidized Hardware and Aged Plastic Parts.


Source: U.S. Fender Custom Shop
Vintage Form Fit Case
COMMENTS: In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Stratocaster guitar, the Custom Shop is building the Limited Edition 1954 Strat®. These faithful replications will be made with the same exacting detail as the original instruments, using many of the same machines and manufacturing methods used 50 years ago. Every deep body contour, pickup magnet and screw is a replica of a 1954 Strat. We even went as far as having pre-CBS Fender® employee, Roger Centeno, stamp each tremolo cover plate with the original die. And, yes they do come complete with the round holes!




2010 Fender '57 MB Greg Fessler Stratocaster CAR Heavy Relic

Greg Fessler's masterbuilt 57 is as good as it gets for a reissue. Playing feel and sound is superior. The bell like ringing sound is a dream. Handwired fat Ybarra PU's.

3,520 kg

6'800 SFr

"LION" 2007 Fender CS Relic 69 "red sparkle"

It used to be Gregor Hildens personal guitar. Fantastic sound thanks to its resonance and the killer 57/62 PU handwound by Abby. Wonderfull neck, a growling sound. Blues pur! It roars like a lion. Killer guitar!!! All original, paperworks, OHCS!

 3,680 kg

4'500 Fr